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Business services

Hotel PILS will provide you access to internet. There you will be able also to send a fax or print a necessary document as well as to rent our dator.


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We serve tasty buffet breakfast every morning from 07:00 till 10:30.

 Our friendly and cozy bar offers different interesting and delicious dishes, special menus for children, seniors, and families.

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You can also book bar for celebrations.

Just come and enjoy pleasant atmosphere, aromatic cup of coffee or tea.

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You are welcome!


Quick and safe taxi company will take you to any place in the city!


Phone +371 29129387


Our partner SIA BalticTAXI

offers hotel visitors safe and reliable services to and from Riga, welcoming at the airport 'Riga' and child car seats (this service should be ordered in advance). You can order a taxi by phone: 8500, or (+371) 20008500. Or use Skype both by writing and by calling: BalticTAXI_Latvia. For additional comfort, each BalticTAXI taxi has a free of charge Wi-Fi access installed.

Leisure activities

Aerodium - vertikal wind tunnel

Phone +371 28384400

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 Bobsleigh and luge track Sigulda

Phone +371 67973813    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Šveices street 13, Sigulda

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Cable car - Poruka street 14,Sigulda

Phone +371 67972531

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Ferris wheel

L. Paegles street 21, Sigulda   Phone   +371 29555882

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Electromobile sightseeing tours

Sigulda, Festivity square / L. Paegles street 21

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Balooning over Sigulda

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Toboggan track -Peldu street 1,Sigulda

Phone +371 27001187

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Adventure park TARZANS - Peldu street 1, Sigulda

Phone +371 27001187

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Catapult - Peldu street 1, Sigulda

Phone +371 27001187

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Offroad-buggy rental

Phone +371 28681833, +371 29114109

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Rafting, canoeing 

Phone +371 29244948

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Activities in winter

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Horse riding- Turaidas street 10,Sigulda

Phone +371 29268457

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Teniss - Raiņa parks, Sigulda      

Phone +371 296861336              


Bouling - Vidus street 1, Sigulda 

Phone +371      6797007